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Are you a DIYer who is looking to RECLAIM your own space but not quite sure where to get all the right pieces? Maybe you're just looking for that one item that completes the look. Maybe you're in need of a complete revamp! Either way, you've landed in the right place! Click the links below to browse and shop the items from our clients' rooms as well as my own home. 



Pantry 7.jpg

With every RECLAIMED space we leave our clients with a room that is more clean, efficient and functional than before. With that being said, you never want to skip out on style. With our assistance, clients discover their personal taste. If you love what our clients have done with their homes; click here to browse and shop their rooms.

Click here to dive into my personal style. Here you will be able to browse and shop the items I have used to RECLAIM my own spaces. Enjoy!

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